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I began to meet teachers and Healers and even psychically gifted   practitioners....All I realized were Energy Healers in their own right. As I continued on my journey and "Armored" with HOPE I soon realized that I was gaining the knowledge and the necessary "tools" I would need not only to help myself but to help others who suffer as well. I began to deeply understand the forever connection that we ALL have to our loved ones in Spirit. Because we are loved our loved ones continue to guide us each and everyday throughout our lives and help us on our individual paths here on earth until the day we are reunited with them in our beautiful Heavenly Home. And now as a Certified Energy Healer "Practitioner" it is my highest intention to help others restore harmonious wellness through the use of my gifts as well as sharing all that I have learned and experienced for those that suffer and are searching to find their connection to "HOPE" and to their loved ones through healing and enlightenment. Remember "we are all love and loved" ALWAYS.... in "ALL WAYS" because LOVE LIVES.

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I endured the loss of my only son Joey at the young age of 18. This had the power to devastate not only me but my entire family. Joey was an incredibly bright light to us all as well as to everyone that knew him. Then one day through my darkest hour something so unexpected happened which led me to a new enlightenment.... I discovered HOPE. This un-expected gift of HOPE was delivered through my son. He appeared to and communicated with my daughter Gianna and she rushed to tell me and share his messages. I was lifted from my darkness and cried joyful tears. Suddenly extraordinary experiences and interactions followed almost daily. Many 'signs' began to appear as well, through dreams, songs and even numbers. What was also so amazing was this was not only experienced by my daughter and other family members but this miraculously began happening to several  of my son's  friends as well  and I was blessed that they called and came to share it all with me. This proved to me beyond the shadow of a doubt that "love lives" and keeps us eternally connected. 

The path that ultimately led me to becoming an Energy Healer was inspired by these incredible happenings. A new "door" was opened and for the first time with HOPE instilled in me I began my quest for knowledge, wanting to learn all that I could about  Energy and Healing. There was so much to learn and I also realized that the tragic loss I suffered with my son Joey's sudden passing had the potential to seriously affect my health on every level. So I began my journey be reading many books on the subjects as well as attending spiritual workshops and classes.

All of my experiences are recorded within my journal, which has become a published book.

The title is; ' Picking Up the Pieces of Hope.'It can be found and ordered on this website.

   L O V E   L I V E S