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conventional medicine.

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Energy healing is a manipulation of the energy that surrounds our physical and spiritual body through a trained Energy Healer.

Within our spiritual body are 7 major spinning wheels of light that are also known as chakras. When energy healing is conducted our chakras are charged, cleared and balanced. The mindset behind this is to allow old energy to be released and new energy to be absorbed, there by creating a path towards healing .

Old energy can become stagnant within our energy body through unprocessed life experiences. This can create an unhealthy imbalance within us and sometimes is released in unwanted ways, such as through various illnesses. These unhealthy imbalances can be cleared by a trained energy healer to replenish the fluency that is needed to maintain  healthy wellness.

While away at a Deborah King Energy Healing workshop, I was photographed by a friend. When observing the photo I discovered this huge orb by my side, validating my son's presence.



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