​Soon, the heart became another sign of love. One night I was woken up by water dripping upon my face. The next morning I noticed it became yet another sign. Since it symbolically dried in the form of a mother's broken heart with a gaping hole in it. I knew my son was acknowledging  my pain and he was comforting me by letting me know HIS LOVE LIVES.

34 is a sign from my son Joey. It was his football number while on his high school team. It soon became his calling card to many after his passing.When his sister needed an ambulance to the emergency room, you can imagine how  soothing it was, when ambulance 34 pulled up.



Dreams occur as our body sleeps. Our loved ones can reach us easier, since our conscious mind is not in the way to dismiss a communication such as a visitation. A visitation is a strong and very lucid dream that is not forgotten when we wake up. Some dreams are quite direct however most come in symbolic ways. Yet they are a sign of love.

Dreams can be spontaneous after the passing of a loved one. Usually it is to allow us to know they are okay. If the timing is right and the dreamer can handle the visitation, it may occur. To increase your chances simply form the request within a prayer before you sleep. Repeat the request for a week or two. Also listen to others, especially children because children are natural conduits between heaven and earth.  Even an unsuspecting neighbor or friend can receive a message or visitation from a request that you have made. If they mention having a dream from the requested person it is known as divine intervention made to make an impact on you often times more powerful than the original request itself. It still may be meant for you, however delivered in gentle healing ways. Please remember there is no such thing as a stranger on the other side.




My daughter received an injection in the emergency room after having an allergic reaction. Shortly after, a heart formed upon her arm. We all knew it was Joey's special sign of supportive love for his sister.