Life couldn't have been any happier for Marianne Stone until tragedy struck in the year of 2002. Marianne's oldest child and only son, Joey, was just about to graduate from high school. He had become the son every mother would be proud of. Joey was a protector of others, including his four younger sisters. He was bursting with integrity, honor and most of all, love for everyone he met within his young life. That was

the cornerstone of his strength, including on and off of the football field. Joey's love was a key ingredient within his family.

Joey's life came to a screaming halt on a particularly hot mid-spring day, the day after Marianne's 42nd birthday. Football practice was canceled, which led him to a local pond to cool off with friends. That is when the unthinkable occurred to the most unlikely among them.

A mother's worst nightmare then becomes her greatest triumph of everlasting love.

Three days after Joey's funeral, a much and unexpected miracle occurred.

Picking Up the Pieces of Hope is a true story of the unbearable loss of a mother's only son. This book validates that Love Lives, after his

heavenly appearance.

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